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New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Sawdust Behind Wood Shop Machinery

On Monday morning, a significant paleontological discovery was made when Brent EuDaly, a local wood shop manager, dialed authorities about a potential discovery found during a minor renovation project.

“I was moving around some equipment” EuDaly recalled, “when I saw something that just didn’t look normal.”
Bob Mudge, PhD, a paleontologist from UMAA arrived on the scene at 11:05am. “I respond to a lot of false calls, so I usually come in with low expectations” he stated in a monotone voice with a hint of a lisp...
“But this discovery was astounding. You could just see the layers of sawdust stacked up representing vast amounts of time. I mean, this is the stuff that paleontologists dream of!”

Slurping up a little drool from his previous sentence, Mudge got to work.
Over the course of the day, Mudge uncovered a total of six complete dinosaur specimens, cataloging four new species.
Despite the serious expression frozen on his face, Mudge’s monotone was beginning to break, betraying his excitement. “I think this could be the very first discovery ever, of magnetically articulated wooden dinosaurs!
It’s been incredible to unearth all the different parts one by one and see how they all fit together like a puzzle.
I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s so easy, a three year old could do it” Wiping a little more drool from his beard, Mudge declared again
“I mean, this is the stuff Paleontologists dream of.”
Brent EuDaly, the wood shop manager stood off to the side during the excavation trying to keep other observers at a safe distance.
“I was a little peeved at loosing a whole day of work over this,” he confessed,  “but you know, I’ve always wanted to discover dinosaur fossils…I think this is the kind of stuff I can share with my future grandkids. If this is my only claim to fame, then I guess I’m ok with that.”

The new discoveries will be touring the country this following spring and reproductions can already be seen and purchased here


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