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About Us

Most people think of the word detour in plain black font plastered to florescent orange road sign. Perhaps an arrow accompanies, informing you to turn right or left. You follow the instructions trusting that the detour will get you back on track towards your original destination.

Our detour makes no such promises. We don’t know or care about your original destination because it can’t possibly be as wonderful and fantastical as this detour.

What we can promise is fresh scenery. A healthy landscape awaits, full of unique ideas, thoughtful designs, and products intended for human enjoyment, rather than corporate profits.

We pour our hearts, and souls into the creative process, the minute details, and the purpose behind every handcrafted piece.

Occasionally we make something that’s not good enough. We use it to fuel the woodstove in our living room that heats our house in the winter.

This detour, however, will take you to where we keep the good stuff. Join us on the journey, we always have space in the backseat.