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Boot Jack

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Boot Jack

There’s nothing more satisfying than a pair of boots that fit perfectly. They impart a sense of power and purpose in every step you take. You might not want to take them off. They might not want to come off. You need a boot jack. Whether you’re a hard core cowboy boot wearer or a more casual muck-boot sloshing farmer, or farmer wannabe, or a cowboy wannabe, you need a boot jack, and you need one that won’t break. You need one with real leather, and a lacquer finish on the hardwood to keep it looking fresh for years for eternity (that’s a guarantee). Don’t risk buying a bootjack from anyone else. This product will meet and exceed your expectations. Made from Ash hardwood and real leather, this bootjack is made by Americans for Americans, and anyone else willing to pay for international shipping.


-Made from Ash hardwood

-Durable construction that won’t break

-Real leather pads

-Tough lacquer finish

-Made in the USA

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